“Weinhaus & Potashnick, Attorneys at Law” is a registered trade name used by Sheldon Weinhaus and Mark Potashnick P.C., a Missouri professional corporation. Sheldon Weinhaus is a senior attorney and is only involved in matters concerning claims or questions relating to the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) and also in employee benefit claims pursued by or in the name of Weinhaus & Potashnick, and in those cases, he and Mark Potashnick, P.C. are partners. However, Mr. Weinhaus holds no role or responsibility for any other type of claim or area of legal practice pursued by Mark Potashnick, P.C. in the name of “Weinhaus & Potashnick” such as wage and hour claims, employment disputes, discrimination, or any other matter and Mr. Weinhaus has no involvement or financial interest in such cases whatsoever. Mr. Weinhaus should not be contacted in connection with such cases.

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